• What are Patient Assistance Programs?
    Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) are sponsored by the companies that make prescription medications. PAP’s allow individuals who qualify to receive prescription medications at a reduced or no cost. Each company has its own rules about who qualifies for their programs.
  • How do I enroll in PAP?
    Each PAP has its own application process. There is programs that require your doctor, nurse, or social worker to apply for you. Some program applications can be completed online while others have to be faxed or mailed applications.lease understand that applying does not guarantee you will be qualified for the program

Please understand that applying does not guarantee you will be qualified for the program

  • Does Adult Internal Medicine assist you in the application process?
    The staff of adult internal medicine will be glad to assist you in completion of the PAP forms. Please talk to your doctor about enrolling in PAP program at your routine visits.

  • Is there a charge for completion of PAP forms?
    There is a $20.00 application fee for the completion of each PAP application.

Payment is due at the time of application completion whether patient is approved or not.

  • How will I know if I been approved?
    You will receive a letter or a letter from the pharmaceutical company telling you whether or not you have been approved. This could take up to 6 weeks before you will receive notification and in some cases even longer. Please review each application for the notification policy.
  • How will I get my medication?
    Some companies will mail the medications directly to you while others require that they be mailed to your doctor’s office. If medications are mailed to our office we will notify you when they arrive to be picked up.

If you have any other questions about PAP forms and enrollment please feel free to contact our office for further assistance.

Thank You!